Husband Played Her Favorite Song For Goodbye, And She Woke Up From a Coma!

After she lost conscience on her husband’s 46th birthday, Maria Hill (48) from UK, had a major stroke on the way to the hospital. She was put in an artificial coma after she underwent a very complicated brain surgery. Doctors tried to awake her gradually, seven days after, she still didn’t respond, so her family had to say goodbye to her.
Instead, her husband Steve played her favorite song from their wedding….and a miracle happened!

Steve and Maria have 4 kids, their sons Kurtis (20), Keiran (18) and Kameron (16) and their daughter Kyrstie (21) who says that she will never forget that positively strange day.


Her Favorite Song

Husband wake up song

They said that they’ve been talking for hours, tried to make her react to something, but with no result. Then, their dad recorded their song on the phone and played it to their mom, all in tears. It was a heartbreaking moment, watching them together, watching him try so hard, and then their mom moved her hand… several days after, she started to nod her head!
“Unchained melody” by Righteous Brothers and “If you don’t know me by now” by Simply Red, were the songs that slowly brought Maria back to life.

Steve, taxi driver, remembers that he tried to make her react somehow, and he thought that if something can awaken her, it’s the music! And after about an hour of playing her favorite music, she moved! The happiness is indescribable, couldn’t be expressed with words! Having to see your life partner and closest friend do that, it is a genuine feeling and a thrill.

The doctors that were taking care for Maria in “Kings College” hospital in London, notified the family that the recovery is going to be slow and uncertain, but this miracle gave them very optimistic expectations. Maria is already talking and writing and moving her body.

It is a long term goal for their mom to get back, and their house once again to become a home. Steve uses the famous quote personalized “if you win the battle we will win the war!