How To Support Your Wife During Period While Breastfeeding

When a woman has a baby she faces with lots of unknown things and needs time to learn everything. Period while breastfeeding is one of those things. This is one process which is very painful for us and also very depressing because at the beginning we are not able to deal with it successfully. For that reason, support is very important for us and there is nothing better for that than a supportive husband. In addition are given eight ideas of how you can help us to be better at breastfeeding.

During the breastfeeding we can get very hungry so making a snack is one of the ways to help us while we are feeding our baby. It doesn’t have to be something special, even a chocolate or something that has proteins in it will do the job.

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Show the support during period while breastfeeding

Beside hunger thirst is another thing that we are facing with. Babies know to be very nervous when they feed them, so while we are struggling with them we know to get thirsty and when we finally get to calm them down we realize that getting water is mission impossible. Because of that, seeing you in front of us holding a glass of water will is something that will make you the hero of the day.

Raising a baby during the first months of his life knows to be very tiring job. The baby is crying, you get up to calm him down and make him fall asleep, then go to bad again and as soon as you fall asleep he starts to cry again. We would give everything to have few more moments of sleep, so if you get up, get the baby and bring him to us will be perfect.
Some families have more than one child. So, if you are one of those families the best thing that you can do, as a good husband, is to take care of the elder children while we are feeding the baby.

Not every time we will be at home when the baby will be hungry. There might be situations where we need to breastfeed in public and it will be less embarrassing for us if we have your support. Because giving us a small and warm smile will encourage us to do our best in those situations.
Many of us are facing postpartum depression in the first few months after our childbirth. We know to cry more than a several times so the right thing that you can do for this problem is to make an appointment in some care provider. As a head of the family this is an important step because you are taking care for the rest of the family.

There are mother who have problems with making their child to breastfeed and because of that they use pumps in order to have milk for their babies. So beside the pain that they feel while pumping the milk they have to deal with the mess that they make (cleaning the parts of the pump, bottles). For that reason you can surprise us by cleaning the kitchen or putting the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

In the end, when we are having our childbirth there are moment that we cannot handle the pain and want to have someone next to us who can stop it. So if we say that we want the epidural don’t hesitate and find the doctor because the only job that you have to is to support us and not to play a dictator.