How To Choose A Name For Your Baby

For most parents, especially new ones, choosing a name for their child is a very fun and important moment in their life. There are no rules in this process, but you should stick to some rational arguments that will help you avoid problems in the future.

Avoid making initials that sound inappropriate (for example F.U.). To avoid problems with the pronunciations of the name try not to make the last letter of the first name the same as the first letter of the last name.

Try to choose a name that “fits in” with the last name, so make sure that the name and the surname sounds good and melodically together. A little tip for making a name melodic is that short name goes with long surname and the other way around.

Name Your Baby

Do not let the name of your child to become a source of humiliation and jokes by other kids. Be careful not to make the name and surname sound funny, like for example Ban Anna, even though it may look cute to you, children can have a dark sense of humor.

Do not accept compromises because of a friend or family. Even though your mother or father may want your child to have the name of their grandfather or aunt, be aware that this is your baby and this is solely your decision (you and your husband’s of course).

If you can’t decide, make a list of names and cross one over every day until you get to that perfect one, that both you and your partner will love.

Be careful with unique, original and foreign names, because even though it is nice for your child to have a unique name to fit his unique character (because every human is unique), he has to wear it for the rest of his life, even through the puberty. If you know a person that has a name like Snowy, Paris or Agamemnon I think you know what we are talking about.