How Can An Unplanned Pregnancy Affect Your Relationship?

Even if the pregnancy is planned, it’s a very rough and stressful period, for you and your husband, after which everything will change forever. If the pregnancy was not planned, the stress is even greater.

We give you some ways your unexpected pregnancy can affect your relationship with your husband:

An unplanned pregnancy may strengthen your bonds

If you are in a relationship and you both love each other very much, but you haven’t tied up your lives together yet, your pregnancy and the baby may encourage you to take that step towards an everlasting bond in marriage. Your relationship changes and you start to look at yourself as a family.


The stress caused by the unplanned pregnancy may have an effect on your hormones. It is not rare that the follow up of the stress can lead to the dissolution of the relationship with your partner. Women may feel confused, lonely, frightened, and incomprehensible. All of those feelings may further stimulate the hormones to flow, violently.

unplanned pregnancy

 An unplanned pregnancy as a motif to get married

An unplanned pregnancy in the first year of your marriage may be an even greater challenge. You may find out that this new world is not as full of pretty colors as you might have imagined. Partners constantly learn from each other and align their habits and characters and when the baby comes, their relations become an even greater challenge. Even though sometime it may seem to you that your marriage is not flourishing, the growth of the baby and the shared care for him leads to further understanding of each other creating a more harmonious connection between the partners and their bond strengthens.

 You mature together

This is especially true for the couples that have entered the marriage at very young age. You grow and mature together, while tending to the needs and wishes of your beloved child. You share your dreams and goals for the future, you share your wishes and fears, and all this creates a connection and feeling of closeness that cannot be established with any other human being but with your partner in life.

Thankfulness between partners

Your pregnancy and your baby will make you feel like a family more that any document. You may even ask yourself, if your relationship would have evolved enough to lead to a marriage eventually, if the unplanned pregnancy didn’t bring you together.

True reason for getting married?

“Did I marry only for the sake of the baby?” is a question that will surely go through yours and your partners head. Marriage is hard even without children and the last thing you want to be doing is constantly questioning your reasons for getting married. Life is too short to dwell in the past so enjoy every moment of it and learn to fully appreciate the moments of today.