What Happened with The First Tooth ?

The Day With A first tooth

The first teeth cause big parents’ happiness, because their sweet little babies now look more adorable.

Dental care

When the first teeth appear?
The growth of teeth in babies is individual. On average, the first teeth appear around the 6th month. But sometimes the first tooth can occur from the 3th to the 12th month. In rare cases the baby can be born with a tooth already.
The lower front teeth appear first and 1-2 months later appear the upper front teeth. Till the age of 3 the kid should have the all 20 milk teeth.

First tooth

Teething symptoms

Many babies show different symptoms like salivary secretion, urge to bite, increased sensitivity in the mouth, etc. But some babies do not show any symptoms.

Here are some symptoms:
1. Drooling. The drooling can start about 2 months before the teething.
2. Swelling of the gums and increased sensitivity.
3. Urge to bite.
4. Putting different objects in the mouth.
5. Crying, irritability and signs of irritation.
These symptoms usually appear 3-5 days before teething and disappear when the tooth will break the surface of the gum.

Many parents believe that teething causes diarrhea and fever, but many experts believe that this is not true. Experts advise parents not hesitate to consult a doctor if they think that some symptoms are getting worse, or if there is a fever or diarrhea.

First tooth 01

Help your baby!
Here are some suggestions that can help your baby with the irritation and possible pain:
1. Give him something to chew.
2. Chill his gums.
3. Gently rub his gums.
4. Regularly remove his saliva.

Care of his teeth

Since the first appearance of the teeth you should take care and keep the teeth healthy. At the beginning use a wet gauze or soft mop. Place the gauze or the mop on your index finger and rub the teeth gently front and back.
After a few teeth appear, start using a small toothbrush with soft bristles. With its help wash the teeth twice a day, using only water.
You should start using toothpaste when your kid will be 2years old.