How To Handle With The Mercurial Temper Of Your Child During The 18th Until The 36th Month of His Development

Every child in its family is the well-bellowed one. But the period from the eighteenth until the thirty-sixth month of its development it is the most interesting and the most stressful period for their parents. This is the period where they are very tempered, easily loose self-control and disturbing everyone by constantly crying and screaming. The best advice for every member from the family, especially the parents, is to stay calm, take the child on some safe place and try to comfort him/her with hugs. With this action we are showing to our children how to control their feelings.

On this age the child is trying to repeat some rhythmical songs, to learn how to read something by himself/herself, he/she understands the meaning of the words “now” and “soon“, he/she will know how to withstand when you beg him/her to eat and so on. This is the time they want to explore different things so if we talk to them with calm voice we will have big chances to receive positive response. Another important thing that we need to do is to create habitual schedule for our children and to show them when is the right time to get up, to eat, to play and to go to bed. Many parents are confused during this period of time and don’t know how to handle with their children. Here are given some advises that can make their life easier and will help them to learn how to deal with everyday situations.


Child Temper 18th Until The 36th Month

When it comes to the security and the safety of the child it is good to know that we need to keep all the medicines and toxic ingredients out of reach of children and in containers that our children cannot open. Also, it is important to secure the space where our children play, run or climb. Children on this age always ask lots of questions so we need to be very careful listeners and to try to give them the appropriate answers of the questions. As well, if we promised them to do something together we need to keep our word and to the activity.

When we talk about the health of our child it is important to make sure that your child wears hat and glasses when he/she plays outside especially in the summer. When your child is three years old we need to make an appointment at his doctor for regular check.

Because in this period of their growth children soak up lots of information we need to help them easily to name, describe and compare different animals, objects and movements. Playing various games with singing and counting is another way of improving their skills. If you are concern for the development of your children’s conversation skill consult with his/her doctor in order to solve this problem.

When we discuss his/her accommodation in the environment that surrounds him/her we need to know how to develop his/her habit of choosing his cloths for the next day the night before tomorrow. Some parents push their children to share his toys with the other kids and because of that it is good to know that we don’t need to do that to them and instead of that we need to help them in the search of toys that would like to share.

In the end, we need to remember that every baby develops differently so there is no place for panic. Eventually, he/she will learn to jump, hit or throw a ball. In this period he will start to talk, draw lines or make simple jigsaw puzzle. Mostly, children lose self-control when they are angry or too tired. The best time for weaning your child from diapers is between the second and the third year, but he/she will still need a diaper during the night. And most importantly, if you have any questions talk with your friends and share experiences. On that way you will survive this period easily.