Guide: How to Take Care of Your Twins

Besides the immense joy, the birth of twins is a stress for the parents. If you are one of those lucky ones who are expecting two babies, you probably worry how you will deal with them. So we hope that this guide will help you.

twinsNewborn Care

You do not have to buy two pieces of everything. One bath is suffice and a foundation for swathing. But you will need two seats in the car. 
Double strollers cost the most, so before you buy, consider all models and select the one that suits you best. The Double stroller is much bigger, that is why you need to be careful with the dimensions, find the suitable dimension for entering through the door, the elevator… But when it comes to clothes, every baby should have his own clothing.

If you have milk, it is best to breastfeed your babies. Of course that will be more complicated for you, than for the mothers with one baby, but do not worry, it will just take more time. And after a while it will become a routine.

The salvation lies in the routine. Of course, consistency is important, but not at any price. Flexibility is needed. The best for them is, every baby to sleep in his own bed. Some parents put them to sleep in the same bed right after the birth, because it is necessary to be next to each other. They can sleep like this for a short time, after a while it is best to separate them.

*Changing the clothes
While you are changing the clothes of one of your babies, make sure that the other is in a safe place. For example, in the crib, the stroller…

While they are small bath them separate. When they grow up a little they are ready for bathing together. Experts recommend not to bath them every day, because it falls the protective layer of the skin. This can be used to bath your babies in a different day.