Guide How To Breastfeed

A lot of mothers will say that there is nothing complex about the breastfeeding. But as every process, it takes time to master. Have you known that you produce more milk as the baby is sucking from your breasts?





Breastfeeding positions

Something else that deserves to be mentioned is connected with the position. Both the mother and the baby should be in a comfortable position. This means that they can breastfeed in different positions. At the beginning breastfeeding will occur on a cozy chair or in bed. But we mentioned that this process can be mastered, so after mastering it the mother can breastfeed the baby anywhere. But don’t forget to put your baby in a position that will be easy for swallowing.

Useful guides for the process of breastfeeding:

-You should find a good position in order to be relaxed as much as possible.

-The baby’s stomach should touch with the stomach of the mother. Here can be used pillows for better comfort. Also many different positions can be used.

-Hold your breast with your fingers, but don’t forget to put them away from the areola.

-Then you should softly tickle the baby’s lower lip with the nipple. When the baby will open the mouth, you put the nipple in baby’s mouth.

-The baby’s nose and chin should touch the mother’s breast. If the baby’s lower lip didn’t curl out, you should pull down on the chin.

-Don’t forget that this shouldn’t be a painful process. If you have some pain during it, take your baby off the breast. This can be done by skipping your little finger in baby’s mouth. Later you can try again.

When the baby wakes up, he or she moves the head and with that is looking for the breast. The mothers by themselves should know when their baby is latched on well. The baby can be only in the diaper or it can be covered by a blanket. With the nearness of the mother’s body, it will raise the temperature. You should hold his neck with one arm and his hips with the other one. The baby’s head and neck need to be inclined in order to have a comfortable position while swallowing. You should let the nipples to hang normally so that the baby will reach them easily. Also you need to hold the baby’s head all of the time and pull your baby close to you.