Fathers Sometimes Have A Big Problem With Baby Crying

In almost every family, the mother is the one that always takes care of the new born baby even if baby crying. Fathers rarely know how to feed the baby, or change the diapers, easier for them is to take the baby for a walk. But there are those cases when the husbands cannot stand the babies crying. This is the most hardest for the mother because she must take care of the baby, but also for her husband because he cannot tolerate baby’s crying.

baby crying

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How Fathers Take Care When Baby Cry?

There are those types of men that when a baby is crying a lot, they are not trying to help or calm down, they just became very nervous and make the women guilty. They think that is better to give the baby pacifier or the mother should find a way to calm it down somehow. They do not understand the pressure his wife is feeling in those moments.

In this case, women should try to find the way to explain to her husband that the baby’s crying is not something he should be scared of, she can show him ways how to calm down the baby. For example, she can show him how to rock and soothe the baby, how to tell what the baby wants. When he feels more confident and more in control, he might also enjoy the newfound skills. Husbands must understand that the crying is a normal thing. You can find some articles where experts are explaining that. You also must courage him, because he as a new father feels a little scared and helpless. To help him understand that the baby’s crying is not such a terrible thing, you are doing a favor for yourself because now he is going to help you to take care of the baby.

Do not be afraid to use pacifier even though you may think that it means you baby will end up with an addiction to his binky. You should not look so far ahead, because most of the kids give it up on their own, and even if your kid does not, you will definitely find a way to deal with it. The early days of infancy are more difficult, so your husband definitely should calm down and take the tears in stride. You should be together in this period and come over it together with less stress.