Don’t Talk Like A Baby To Your Baby

Don’t Talk Like A Baby

While parents are eager to hear their loving child say his first words, it is important to know that the baby will get to this stage faster if they are patient and talk with it normally, pronouncing the words accurately, not by trying to imitate the way he talks.

   Speech therapists tell us that uttering the words improperly and talking as a baby to your child, is a big mistake that can affect the development of the baby’s intellect. In the months before the child says his first words, the way you talk to him has a very important role in his development.

Even in his third month of life, sounds, and words from music, TV etc., have great impact on the baby and his brain.

In addition, the abilities of the brain are increasing. Babies have thoughts that are more complex at the age of 12 months already, and are able to understand much more than they are capable to pronounce. It is also known that even unborn babies hear sounds from the outside world, while inside the uterus.


Did you know that your baby becomes more intelligent when you cuddle and talk to him properly? Adequate stimulus can help the progress of the child in different stages of his development. However, it is important to develop the child’s emotional (EQ) and intellectual intelligence (IQ) at the same time.

It’s nothing new that babies can recollect on sounds they hear from the outside world in the last three months of pregnancy, and are especially sensitive to the sound of the music and human voice.

Mothers should use this time to talk to their babies in a normal voice and with correctly pronounced words, so that they can help the development of the baby’s brain. It has also been proven that reading to a child in the first months of his life helps him develop better language skills and later helps him acquire a love for reading and books. In addition, if you look at the baby’s eyes while you are talking to him, he concentrates better on what you are trying to tell him.

Moreover, it has been proven that newborns cry with an “accent” which they inherit from their mothers, so talking to your baby correctly, and not in baby talk, has great value in the early development of the child’s intelligence.

Therefore, if you like talking to your child in a baby talk, remember that pronouncing the words correctly is best for him.