The Development Of The Fetus Also Depends On The Dietary Habits Of The Father

Development Of The Fetus


Canadian scientists have concluded that the development of the fetus depends equally on the dietary habits of the woman as well as of the father.

A pregnant woman should have a sufficient amount of vitamin B9. This vitamin is found in green vegetables, fruits, meat, and grains. It is an essential vitamin that protects the women from abortion and birth defects that can occur in the fetus.

It is also important, for the men population to include this vitamin in their diet. This was concluded during the experiment made on rats in the Canadian universities. Those men who eat less, but unhealthy, impose a greater risk of birth defects in the development of the fetal spine, skull, and poor development of fingers or curved legs. Men, who eat more than enough, but yet again, unhealthy, may not have enough vitamin B9 and this can affect the quality of the sperm.

The quality of the sperm depends on both, the diet, and the age of the man. There is a science called epigenetics, which examines the impact of the environment (diet, lifestyle, stress) on genes. The researchers concluded that vitamin B9 is necessary, but could not prove what is the ideal amount to take in for this vitamin, that would be enough to affect the genes responsible for proper growth and the development of the fetus.

However, additional research is needed for this claim to be entirely true.