Daddy’s New Look! Got Stuck In The Airport Because Of His Sons Drawing on His Passport!

This kid should have definitely gotten a coloring book, lots of them, but because the parents forgot to buy, he used his dads passport, and he gave him a complete makeover – big lips and nice beard!

The father of the 4 year old who loves to draw, stayed stuck on the airport on his way to South Korea. The drawing and doodling in the childhood can definitely stir up the creativity and is excellent for the development of children, but sometimes this artistic expression could bring the parents into some awkward situations.
However, the dad probably was laughing out loud even though his trip was a bit postponed.

Some people on the internet doubted the originality of the passport photo, thought that this was fake news and that someone played around with Photoshop. But if this was an original art piece, parents should keep away important documents from their kids because they can get “stuck” in a bad situation.