Creative Ways of Telling Your Husband That You Are Pregnant

The moment when you find out that you are pregnant is precious and filled with dizzy delight, but it becomes even more wonderful when you will share with your husband. So, make that moment perfect and unforgettable. Here are some suggestion what you can do:

Make Your Husband A Surprise

1. Meals for three
Invite your husband for a romantic dinner in a restaurant. When the waiter comes order two servings of favorite meals. Enjoy the expression on his face when you tell him that now you are eating for two.

2. Pea
Tell him to open his palm, put the pea in it and tell him “ Our baby is as big as this pea at the moment”.


3. Take the first picture of your ultrasound
Place the picture in the picture frame and wrap it in wrapping paper. Surely this will be the most beautiful gift that your beloved has ever received.

4. Boy or girl?

Buy one pink and one blue body for a newborn. When you’re alone with your husband bring them both to him and ask him “What color do you think we will need?”. Expect strong hugs and many kisses.

5. Give him a sweet satisfaction
Make a cake and write on it “I’m pregnant”.

6. Make space for the future family member
Empty one of the drawers of your partner, for example one with the underwear or socks and fill it with diapers and clothes for your baby. On the top leave a paper note saying that you have to make space for the new family member. Wait for his reaction.

7. Inscription on your stomach
On your belly write with a pen: “Hi, daddy”.

8. List with names
Make a list of male and female names. Leave them to the place where your husband will surely find it. Next to them leave a note and wrote “We have nine months to decide”.

9. Morning wake-up
In the morning, before your husband go to work, go into the bathroom and write with lipstick or a marker on top of the mirror “future father” and draw an arrow down. It will be morning to remember.

10. Paternity proposal
In a box, put the positive pregnancy test and make reservation at the place where he proposed to you. Pass him the box and ask him “Will you be the father of our baby “. Of course that he will say YES. When he will open the gift, tell him that you have another gift, but he will get it nine months later.