Crawling Movement Stimulates Development Of Intelligence

To teach your baby to crawl or move till he starts to walk, requires the development of a series of skills that help the baby to control his body, get to know the environment and to develop his intelligence. So do not take away this pleasure, but join him in “the exploration” of the unknown world that surrounds him.

More crawling = more stimulation.

Many experts on the subject have the opinion that crawling movement is a specific stage of motor development, which each child should pass naturally. During this period, they need to avoid excessive stimulation and pressure by the parents to do it by force. You need to provide your baby with safe enough space and comfortable clothing that does not disrupt free movement, so he can reveal the things that surrounds him. Allow him to play on the floor, give him interesting toys and play along with him. Stimulate the movement, but to the individual capabilities of your baby and do not push him to take up positions and make movements, for which he is not ready yet.

The crawling baby will learn to sit by himself naturally. Some believe that at five months there is no need for the baby to know how to sit, as much as at about 9 months once he is able to crawl, because when he is crawling, he should also take a sitting positions so he will be able to expand his skills in manipulation of his extremities and the space around him .

Good for his intelligence

Crawling helps the baby to move, and to experiment with different materials – flooring, carpet, etc. These new items offer him different angles and perspectives.While-moving baby learns new information that he will accept through his senses, the freedom of movement will awaken his intelligence. When the first problems arise, he will have to solve it by himself: how to pass between two stools, how to climb a chair etc.


The babies that crawl are able to take care of themselves better

Besides the fact that crawling helps the development of the muscle tone, it allows the child to exercise his reflexes to fall and it will save him lots of times when he starts to walk. Once a baby’s brain will accept and develop the skill to craw, it will respond quickly to new and unexpected situations – how to crawl zigzag between chairs without banging and crashing. Controling crawling movement, initially will occupy all the attention of the baby, with practice it will become a routine. In this way the baby will release his brain from the concentration on the movement and he will start paying attention to other stimuli, such as how to ask for a toy that other children are playing with around him. Erors that he will do will help him more accurately assess the movements in the later stage. There is no way to avoid the fall, it will happen, but do not worry, because children have increased instinct for self-preservation, also falling during crawling won’t have any bad consequences. So leave your baby to learn, because it will help him to avoid other serious hazards when he starts to walk.

The price of autonomy

With the crawling movement, the baby will be physically independent from mom – that now has to be concerned with ensuring safety in the home. The child will begin to even feel emotionally free, he no longer requires you to give him the things that attract his attention. Right now you have even more work than before, since now you should be careful not to lose your child’s from your sight not even for a second. Do not forget that you still need to limit the radius of action of a baby who crawls – wide enough place, safe and without access to dangerous items, contacts and more.