Why is The Closest Relationship in Every Family is a Mother – Daughter Relationship.

The closest relationship in every family is a mother – daughter relationship. That is a bittersweet relationship, which passes through many successes and failures during the development. Every girl at the age of 5 considers her mother an idol. She wanted to dress her clothes to use her lipstick or perfume.. At a young age girls learn that the best place to find love and support is their mother. But that relationship begins to change in the teenage years when girls usually do not want to be close to their mothers, because they believe that every problem can be solved by themselves or with their friends. When they pass this tumultuous period, things are returning to normal and the mother- daughter becomes stronger than ever.
There are different types of relationships. Some mothers are best friends with their daughters, but some want to keep the strictness.


 Mother And Daughter family Best Friends

Best friend “ – relationship
If you and your daughter talk openly about everything, including love, sex, night life, constantly talk on the phone, you leave her to make mistakes in life, then you have the “best friend” relationship.
Good side: Your daughter can more easily connect with you if you are “cool” mom and she will have a desire to share her problems, to ask questions related to some delicate topics, to talk about smoking, alcohol, sex or drugs.
Bad side: Sometimes your daughter will need a stern motherly advice. If you consistently act like a good friend, you would not have the heart to be sterner.

Good Mother” – relationship
If you and your daughter talk only “officially”, you try to give her financial stability and useful tips, you want discipline and at times exaggerate with the maternity care, then you have the “good mother” relationship. 
Good side: Every mother wants only the best for their children. She wants her loved ones to build strong character, learn to make the right decisions, to achieve success, to be able to cope with problems and learn how to survive in today’s world.
Bad side: Sometimes mothers tend to exaggerate the maternal care. If you only set yourself as a parent, without founding friendship with your daughter, then she will probably be uncomfortable to come to you with an intimate problem, because she will be afraid that you will judge and criticize.