Children Are Great Even When They Drive You Crazy Top 27 Reasons Why

Having a child in your family (no matter if it is your child, niece) knows to be an awesome feeling, but there are days when he/she drives you crazy and the only thing that you want to do is to send him/her somewhere far from you just to have a rest from everything. In this text you can find 28 reasons why they are still fantastic when drive you crazy.

Drive You Crazy


Reasons To Drive You Crazy

1.Then can meet new buddies very fast and just with one question like ” Can you borrow me your ball?” or ” Do you want to have my doll?”.

2.They quarrel and reconcile at the same moment. There are no words like hate, revenge or grudge in their dictionary and vocabulary which is contrary with us adults.

3.They approach to thing with boldness without thinking for the final result and how things will turn out.

4.Creativity is one of the characteristics that describes every child. They know to modify the living room into a gallery with drawing, cutting or gluing the furniture or the other things which will find in the room.

5.They are persons that live in the present and enjoy in every passing moment. They don’t worry about the future and don’t spend time thinking about the things that happened in the past.

6.Kids are very innocent and don’t know about hypocrisy, so they tell everything what they mean and what comes on their mind. This is a virtue which we forget that exist.

7.They find happiness in small things like the rain, presents, music and so on. Things that we take for granted.

8.Discrimination is something that they learn when they are grownups. While they are small they don’t care from which race, color of skin are their friends as long as they are fun and ready to play every game.

9.They are not afraid to admit the fact that they are scared, angry or embarrassed in some situations.

10.They are always ready to adopt the complements that people give them.

 11. Making mistakes is something that happens all the time in their life. Because of that they are not scared to make them.

12.Lots of mothers had experiences with their children where they take the pots from the kitchen and ping on them without carrying about the noise they make in the house.

13.They appreciate the small things that are around them.

14.They confide and take every things that you tell him/her seriously.

15.They giggle very often.

16.Asking lots of question is their hobby.

17.They dance a lot without paying attention on how they look for the others.

18.Every time when they play they get very muddy.

19.They don’t pay attention to the way you dress them.

20.Also, they don’t care about the brand of the clothes they wear as long as it is comfortable for them.

21.You don’t need to have lots of money in order to satisfy them or take them out.

22.They know to be very entertaining.

23.They always see the nicest things that people have.

24.They are always do-or-die when they want to do something or make you to do something.

25.They say “I love you” first.

26.They always have new fresh ideas.

27.They are willing to help you.