Which Are The Changes That Come Along With Being a Mom?

Being a Mom Is Something Different

When your baby becomes a center of your world everything is changing. Here are some changes you should expect:

1. Your duty will be 24/7.
Being a mother is a job with continuous work time and the schedule will be dictated by the biorhythm of your baby.

2. The respect and love for your mother will reach the top.
You will finally understand the meaning of the words “ No one will love you more than I do.”, because now you will feel the same.

3. You will meet first friend mom.
For a short time you will be surrounded by friends who are mothers at the same time with you. You will see how amazingly fast you can connect with a person just because you have newborns at the same time.

Being a Mom

4. Your sex life will be paused for a few weeks or months.
Many factors decrease the desire for intimacy to new mothers and fathers. But, you will discover a new way of loving and respecting your husband. The roles of mother and father will create an unbreakable bond between you.

5. You will understand mothers whose children cry furiously in public, than to accuse them that they don’t know how to control their children.

6. You will think of someone else first, before you think of yourself.
Seeing your baby waking up every day, will fill your heart with love and your baby will become your first priority.

7. You will sing more often even if you are not talented.
You will sing to your baby songs all day long and you will enjoy doing it.

8. Your parties will include watching TV.
If you can keep your eyes open till the middle of the film.

9. One smile will make your worst day, more beautiful than ever.
When you will see your baby smiling everything will become unimportant and neglectable.

10. You are going to start believing in love at first sight and your baby will be the person you want to spend every minute with till the end of time.