Care Of Babies With Sensitive Skin

Baby skin is very delicate and sensitive and it takes a lot of caution to look out for her and care for her. Delicate skin can be irritated and exasperated by many things. The chemicals in some products for care, perfumes, and detergents are just some of the many potential causes of inflammation, irritation, and rashes.
Fortunately, there are many ways to protect the delicate skin of your baby.


Rashes on babies skin

Small babies are prone to rashes. The good news is that most of them are harmless and disappear after a short time.
The most common problem is the rash the baby might get from his dippers. It is usually caused by the contact of the baby’s skin with urine or feces or maybe just the dippers being too tight, but the skin being left too moist for long after bathing, bacteria, antibiotics, wet wipes or a brand of diapers to which your baby is just repellant, also can cause it. In most cases for this type of rash medical assistance is not necessary.
If your baby has irritated reddened skin in the diaper area, here are some tips:

1. Check the baby’s diapers often.
2. If the diaper is wet or dirty it should be replaced immediately.
3. Do not tighten diapers. They should not be set too narrow for the baby.
4. Bathe your little one, just with water or gentle baby products, preferably products with low or if possible even no odor at all.
5. Do not use baby wet wipes, but a soft clean damp cloth. The perfume or alcohol of your wet wipes can further irritate baby’s skin.
6. Carefully and thoroughly dry his skin after bathing. Don’t put his diapers on if his bottom is not dry enough. In addition, you shouldn’t rub hard with a towel to dry his skin, but rather tap it gently.
7. Do not use baby powder.
8. If the rash does not pass for 2-3 days or even worsens, contact your pediatrician

Baby Bathing

Too hot water and frequent bathing can further dry the baby’s skin. Thus, the natural fat disappears and the skin is prone to irritation. Here are some tips for bathing which can prevent the rashes from appearing:
1. It is best not to bathe your child every day. Three times a week is enough.
2. The time the baby spends in the shower should be minimal, because prolonged time under water dries delicate babiesí skin.
3. Use gentle products for babies, preferably without a strong aroma.
4. Bathe him carefully not to leave anything out. Don’t miss the space behind the ears and between his fingers and toes, because accumulated skin and fat in between is a good base for the development of the bacteria. This is a little more challenging, because babies tend to hold hands in a fist while bathing.
5. After bathing, before you put the diapers on him, make sure that you have dried his skin.
6. Best care creams for the babyís skin are those containing zinc oxide.


Choose soft fabrics that will be good for your baby’s skin. Clothes that are 100% cotton enable the skin to breathe and don’t irritate it.
Be careful with what detergents you wash the clothes of your beloved. Use gentle ones.
Whenever you buy new clothes, you first need to wash them. Even if it is purchased from the best store, if not perfectly cleaned, it can cause irritation to your baby’s skin.