Breastfeeding vs. Formula feeding

Breastfeeding is the best way to begin your trip when a baby arrives in the family. Not just the mother and the small fry get a peculiar attachment between them during this period, but also it helps the baby prevent its organism out of several diseases which can attack it because it’s still weak and fragile. But there are a several benefits for the mother too. Not only she’ll save up money to the nursing and not have to pay for the facilities necessary with the formula feeding, but she will also get a protection of her own organism. In that respect are various works that demonstrate that when a mother is breastfeeding the baby, it dilutes the danger of getting Alzheimer disease, or developing postpartum depression.

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What feeding is the best

Colostrum, also called “liquid gold” is the first milk the mother produces right after the child gets born or in the late gestation period. It’s no wonder that carries this name, since it contains all of the nutritive substances necessary for the child to gain the antibodies which can protect its fragile organism. Mother’s milk is also a lot more comfortable for the child to digest, than any other milk (like cow’s milk or the powdered milk you get from the shops). As the baby grows, mother’s milk naturally changes also, and gets to contain the nutritive substances even more concentrated in it since the child is nursed less in that period.

There are numerous diseases that can attack your child in the nursing period. Like ear infections, respiratory diseases, Type 1 diabetes or leukemia. This doesn’t sound very good to you, does it! But, don’t worry. Only by nursing your baby all of this can be precluded. Mother’s milk contains every medication your child needs in order to keep healthy and to be able to fight with all of the above mentioned and many more.

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Some mothers prefer to apply the formula feeding type though. If you possess the right reasons for it, there is no need to feel like an unfit mother to your kid. Just try to provide the best supplies needed for that to be done, like bottles, nipples and so on. But, just have in mind that by breastfeeding you will keep a great deal of money and time without having to prepare a bottle in the midriff of the night for example.

As a conclusion to all of the above mentioned, I will advise you to select the best and most comfortable means of feeding your baby, and that is the nursing method. This way you will make a special bond with your child, and provide its organism with all of the necessary nutritive substances for its organism to evolve into a potent one, and is able to struggle against the bacterias that will try to intrude on it. Will be beneficial for you also. You’ll redeem up a bunch of money and as a mother will strengthen your organism as well.