Breastfeeding Tips, Breastfeeding – Power and Magic!

Breastfeeding tips, breastfeeding We’ve all heard about the joy and beauty of breastfeeding. The bond that is built between the mother and the baby in those moments is truly unique. While I was pregnant, I decided that I will definitely breastfeed. I didn’t have any doubts, no fears that something can stop me from doing that. I even remember, I was pretty amazed why people talk so much about it – videos, advices, help groups and support for breastfeeding… like a whole separate science! I was reading about the right positions, dangers and complications and how can you prevent them. Oh indeed I was informed! I knew that I can get mastitis and other breast infections and I was well introduced to all terminology and meaning of all possible notions. I read about the milk pumps, good and bad experiences of moms, nutrition, literally everything! And every time and everywhere I bumped into the same famous sentence: “repeat to yourself that you have milk”.


Breastfeeding Tips

And I gave birth. The first breastfeeding happened. In the maternity unit I thought about all the online classes and that I didn’t have any problems. We found the right position and we established good “connection”. But when we came home, it was far from according to the plan. The problem was that the baby was all about the milk. And I didn’t feel anything in my breasts! No milk was coming, no big breasts. Add the sleeplessness and the fear that the baby is hungry and there’s your recipe for stopping breastfeeding.

In the beginning we tried with complementary feeding, according to the advices of the nurses. Today I know that it was wrong. Today, if I could turn back time, that would be the only thing that I will do differently. I wouldn’t complementary feed my baby; I will lie comfortably and enjoy my baby, while it produces milk in my breasts, because milk is produced from the constant suction of the baby. I threw away the bottle and we managed to succeed with the breastfeeding.

I don’t need to write about the specific difficulties that I was dealing with. Every mom knows them, the one who thought she doesn’t have enough milk for her baby. That actually is not the goal of this story. The goal of this story is to tell future moms – IT’S HARD. It’s very hard, big effort and no one can prepare you enough for the fears that come, dilemmas and difficulties that you face in the beginning. But if you stay persistent and endure, you are up for witnessing the most beautiful thing in the world. You live for the moments that are only yours and the baby’s, the acknowledgement that you are giving it your best, something natural and most adequate for its development.

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I think that it is very important to highlight the importance of breastfeeding and the advantages of breastfeeding, encourage the mothers in every possible way! Support is everything. It is that click that decides whether you will stop or go on with nursing, no matter the torments. The support is very important! On the other hand, I often remind myself that all moms haven’t made decisions to breastfeed. They can feel bad, very bad because this statements, and the insisting of nursing without any compromise. That is not and should not be anyone’s goal. You shouldn’t judge and offend the complementary feeding of babies, you should be thankful: that food has saved and fed lots of little babies. But we should educate women and the surrounding a little bit more, so they wouldn’t make complementary feeding a first choice. And mothers should have a right to choose.

Breastfeeding Tips


Why do I support breastfeeding so much?

Before my pregnancy and motherhood I wasn’t very clear why some women were proud of their own nursing. Big deal! And why do they impose it on others? Why should you brag with something so natural? And then our moment came….

MAGICAL! I cannot describe it with other words, except pure magic. My baby lives and feeds of my body, thanks to me. What is that if not power? I am all he/she needs, the only food and life. That is why before you judge some mother that proudly shouts “I’m breastfeeding!” stop. Breastfeeding is responsibility and tremendous care. It is the knowing that your baby needs you, all the time, every day and every night. Only you. You cannot leave anywhere, cannot do anything, because your little one cannot live without you. And yes, I will shout proudly “I’m breastfeeding!”. Lots of times if needed!

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With this story I wanted to tell moms that even though it is very hard, breastfeeding is a beautiful and magical thing. It is worth every trouble, effort and every single tear. You should endure because it’s worth it!
And…it is not the end of the world if you fail. The most important and best food for our kids is the LOVE. They grow in the best possible way with love.