Why The Biggest Day For Every Girl is Her Wedding ?!

The biggest day for every girl is her wedding. Girls usually have planned their dream wedding more time before they meet “the one”.


Its Wedding Time


The wedding is a day that women have dreamed since they were little girls, and listen to the stories of Cinderella and her prince, for Snow White and her prince, for Sleeping Beauty and her prince, for Ariel and her prince… The stories end with no instructions on how to find a prince, and we are left alone to discover how and where to find the right one.
How do you know that he is the one?
-You will not know.

There are no guarantees. You should rely on your heart and mind to make a decision. There are seven billion people on the planet, and there is more than one person that suits me. I’m convinced that there are at least a thousand people that would make me happy. 
But when you find someone that have what you need, stop. Stop looking and keep him.
He doesn’t have to be likeable for your girlfriends, colleagues, even your mother does not have to like him, because you will be with him in good and evil, not your girlfriends. Everyone knows what is most important to them.
Whether it is respect, understanding, money, education, family, a destructive character trait – many people, many stories. Do not ask they the others if they like him, most important is how he suits you.

The day of the wedding is only one day that we celebrate what comes after it – the division of good and evil, until death do us part. The good side is that you always have someone at your side. Happiness is even greater when is shared with someone, and the sadness are more easily accepted.

Sharing of good and evil implies obligation. The relationship should be built upon marriage. But many couples do not understand that it needs to invest just like the beginning, and even more, because they will no longer be together only when they have time and they feel good, but they will be faced with different problems. There will be days when everything will go wrong, with work, you will have sleepless nights because of your baby, you will be tired after work, but someone has to make lunch.. But remember, you should always find time for each other, to talk, to show love and understanding.
It does not sound like a fairy tale?

Nobody said it would be easy. But no one told us it would be difficult. That’s because no one talks about it. Attention is focused on the most important day in our life – the wedding, not what comes after it. And what follows is life, so imperfect, yet so beautiful.




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