It is Better To Be Alone Than With Someone That Would Be Just Form Without Content

Do you know women who are psychologically abused by their husbands, but they do not end their marriage?
I’m sure each of us knows at least one woman like this, and possibly more.

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Unfortunately, in this group is one of my best friends. I would have never thought that she’ll be stuck in a marriage like this. She is educated and successful woman who has had several long relationships behind and never permitted to be treated like this. The previous relationships she broke on her own initiative, because they were not good enough according to her standards. I was amazed, because everyone should know what they looking for, and to continue the search until they find it. It is better to be alone than with someone that would be just form without content.

I advise her not to rush and to postpone the wedding, but she thought more of the others, than of herself. She told me that she couldn’t do that to her parents, that she already divided the invitations and it will be a shame now to postpone the wedding.Then I told her that every parent what their child to be happy. And then she said that when she told her mother about her problems, her mother told her that she chose him and she should fix her own problems.

Frankly, this surprised me very uncomfortable. I am a mother and I would never say such a thing to my children. I even less expect it from her parents, who have no marriage for example. I thought when you did have a bad experience, you will do everything for your child not to go the same way.The wedding passed, and their arguments have become increasingly common. The reason was always the same, his jealous outbursts when she would go out alone, when she would say hi to a man on the street, even when someone would rang her from an unknown number.Yelling, arguing, abusive insults with words that I would never say to a someone with whom I share my life. Countless tears, sedatives, eye circles and no will to live. A life filled with heartache.

I do not know how many times she appeared in tears in my house to tell me she can’t take it anymore. But she always returned to him. And when I ask why she goes back to him, I always get the same answer: “But I love him”.Love is essential in any marriage. But let’s not fool ourselves, for a marriage to work properly takes a lot more than love.
Marriage is a serious thing, before we enter that adventure we should be sure that we made the right decision.

My friend is still trying to save her marriage. She does all she can. Stopped coming out, gave up all hobbies that were very important to her. Even her birthday, she didn’t celebrate with her friend, only with him. For the first time in twenty years I wasn’t on her birthday. If I knew that it was her choice, I would be happy, but I know how much birthday parties mean to her. However, despite all the concessions, things have not changed, because her husband didn’t change anything.Nobody deserves to be treated this way. Love should not hurt. And psychological harassment is violence. And mental pain is pain.

If you are not married, and you want to make this move, make sure that he is the one. If there is at least one thing for which you are not sure, take your time, wait. Better to spend more time before marriage, then later to look for a way out.

Bravo to the brave women who resolutely put an end to this life, if it can be called “LIFE”.






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