Her brother made her the best wedding surprise ever


This thoughtful brother decided to make a special surprise for his sister’s wedding honoring their beloved father who has passed away before the wedding.



Knowing how much he will be missed at the wedding and especially when the moment for a dad and bride dance comes, he wanted to make something that will fill in that lack of presence. He made the sweetest and most touchy speech ever announcing the song “ Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle” which he himself sang specifically for his sister’s wedding, the same song on which her older sister danced with her father on her wedding. He has now secretly recorded himself singing the song before the wedding, making the most impressive and moving gift ever.

Almost every male from her closest family stood up and shared a special moment on the dance floor with the new bride, starting with her grandfather, brothers and ending the dance with her new father in law. This was undoubtedly the best wedding moment and the best gift ever.

Knowing how touched will his sister be and that this will mean a world to her, this brother made the best surprise gift ever.

Check and enjoy the emotional video below, but just don’t forget to place your handkerchiefs nearby. You might drop a tear or two.