Which Are The Best Positions For Making a Baby?

If you are one of those couples who are “busy” making a baby, it would be nice to read the following list of sexual positions that many sexual health experts believe they contribute to faster and more effective conception.

Which are the best sex positions for making a baby 00

 Baby position

Most experts say that the missionary position is best. Also, women are advised to lie on their back for at least one hour after the sexual intercourse and to keep their legs up straight. However, this approach is not best accepted by those women who are susceptible to infection and those who usually take a shower immediately after the intercourse.

Doggy style in which the woman is seated or standing on her knees is recommended because sperm during ejaculation is located closer to the ovum which in the end would give a conception.
Lying in lateral position is very relaxing, increases the sense of intimacy and increases chances of conception.
The orgasms play an important role in conception. The muscle cramp which is accompanied the orgasm, carry the sperm closer to the egg.




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