Mother And A Grandmother At The Same Time! Happiness Overload!

*A woman from USA got pregnant with her fourth baby, her daughter was fighting with her infertility, but we know we love the miracles! Read what happened next.

Sally Pitch (39) and her daughter Olivia (21) talked about what its like when a mother and a daughter have a child at the same time.
Sally says that she went to the regular pregnancy checkup at her 12th week of pregnancy with her 4th child Luka, when her first daughter Olivia announced her own pregnancy.


Mother Newborn

– First I didn’t expect to become a mother for the fourth time, and now at the sime time im expecting to become a grandmother as well! I really did shed happy tears – says Sally.

Olivia wanted to have a child since she was 18, but the doctors told her that because of a health issue, she could never have kids. Her mother says that Olivia took this very hard, and that’s why Sally feared to announce her 4th child.

When I became pregnant I was wondering how to tell Olivia. I had to tell her and she was a little disappointed, but instead of complaining, she put on her happy face and congratulated me. That tore me apart even more, that is why I couldn’t measure my own happiness when I found out that she is going to become a mother too! – says Sally.
But soon she admits that the mixed emotions overwhelmed her.

What will people think, mother and daughter with peer children, how am I going to be a mom and a grandmother, Olivia will expect help from me, how are we going to live in the same house, with two babies requiring lots of attention…
But everything came at its place. Her husband and three other kids did not share her worries, they were just very excited to have two new members in the family.

Sally’s son was born in January 2013, and Olivia’s son 9 weeks later.
The babies are identical! People think they are twins! It is a bit strange when we tell them that they are uncle and nephew – says Olivia.

She confesses that if she is lucky to have a second child, she would like to get all the undivided attention from her mother, not shared with a new peer.

Life brings us all kinds of strange occurrences, but we all try to make the best of them, don’t we?