Baby’s Milestones What Are They And When Are They Happening?

The biggest happiness for parents is when their baby smiles for the first time, walk or talk. For a parent, it is a real thrill to be a witness of his baby’s milestone. But the question is when this milestone is happening for the first time. Usually, baby’s first smile is until about 8 weeks. It is his first social skill, and it takes time for his nervous system and vision to see you and give you a smile. This is also a signal for his emotional growth, and now he can make a difference between the emotional states, and he’s aware that he gets happy every time he sees you and feels sad when you are not around. After 3 or 4 months, your baby can start with grabbing things. If he watches you dropping and picking up something, he will learn that with his hands he can manipulate with things. With this he can engage more in play, baby’s milestones.

Baby’s Milestones


Milestones Stages

After 5 moths, he can start with hugging mom, dad, and other people that he feels comfortable with, also his toys. But, not every baby wants to hug a lot, some are just busy exploring the environment around, so do not feel worried if your baby is not wrapping its arms around you. After 8 months, your baby will have enough balance, and neck, head and body control, and arm strength, so it can be able to sit up. With this, he will be able to see objects outside the direct vision line, and will try to put up himself for a better vision. You should motivate your baby to sit well, by slowly putting away his favorite toy, so he would try to reach it. A short time after this he will have enough confidence, and will start to roll over, crawl, and sit up on his own. When your baby gets used to all these things, he will start walking. Of course, at the beginning will start with walking along the furniture, but when he gets more confidence, he will start running around. There are many things that can influence on your baby’s development.For example, that can be because he wants to see what is on the table or to watch through the window. Also, older siblings who are getting him stuff rather than letting him do it himself, can make the milestone come later. Babies that are born early, always reach milestone later than those born on time. Sometimes late milestone can be a problem. Your baby will not smile, or start walking before 15 months. But, there is no need to worry, this does not mean that your baby will not develop properly in the future. Do not compare your child to the others. All these things are just new for you and your baby so you should just enjoy them and try not to feel worried if it is still not smiling or walking or crawling.




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