What Does a Baby Inherit From Which Parent?

After the arrival of the newborn baby in the family, one of the most common topics among family and friends is who does it look like. Although each case is unique and each baby is different, the newest research presents grouped and generalized characteristics and traits dividing them in two groups: the ones inherited from the mother, and the ones from the father. For example the research confirms the common belief that a baby inherits it’s hair from the mother so that if boldness runs in the mother’s family the kid is also likely to get it. Also, according to this research, mother pass on the size of the toes and ears are inherited from the fathers.

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The baby boys inherit only one X chromosome from the mother, which is rich in genes that affect the physical look, while the father’s X chromosome does not contain much of those genes and that’s the reason why boys tend to look more like the mother. Contrary to what a person is about to think, this does not necessarily mean that the girl would look like the father by default. Supposedly baby girls inherit one X chromosome from both of the parents, which means they can look like either one of them.




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