Baby Hero!

A couple counted the days when their fourth baby will come into the world. But in the twentieth week of pregnancy, the doctors have told them a horrible news.
Their unborn child suffered from the rare genetic disorder, Edwards syndrome. It means that when he will not live more than a day, after he is born.However, they decided that with their son would relive every precious moment as best as they can, no matter how long will last.

The baby was born on January 11 and died just 10 days later on January 21. But those 10 days he lived was surrounded by boundless and unconditional love of his parents and three brothers.
After a week they celebrated his life of 7 days with candle and cake like for a birthday.
They all tried to record every moment, to spend the most time with him and most importantly to give him love, because he deserved for being such a great fighter.This couple believe in God and believe that he is doing the best he can and they are grateful that the love for this little baby, he shared with them for 10 days.
They constantly photographed and filmed him to have moments that will remind them, how is to be so small and yet so powerful fighter.

The father of the baby says that you don’t have to be loud and big to be noticed, you don’t have to write a book, or to stand in front of a crowd to attract attention, because sometimes is enough to be small and so brave to stay remembered.