Awesome Kid Takes His Vaccines Shot Like A Man

We all remember the fear of vaccines as kids. Whenever it was a time for my regular check up at the doctor’s office, it was all fine, but whenever they pulled out the SHOTS! Damn I still remember my fear. I mean all children had a fear of needles, some were just hiding it, and some simply couldn’t contain it. I myself HATED shots, every time I had to take one I imagined every possible mistake that the nurse could make, maybe she hits the wrong nerve, she gives me the shot from a wrong angle and a lot of blood comes out or everything goes as planned and then I DON’T STOP BLEEDING. Sometimes I made many excuses. But in the end, it wasn’t my choice whether I’ll take the shot or not, it was my parent’s.

Little Boy Takes Doctor's shot like a boss - IM A MAN!



This child stays strong. He listens to his father encouraging him “You’re a big boy . . .big boy. Be a man.” He takes the first two bravely, but then on the third, he’s just about to give in, but then he mans up and says: “I’m a MAN!”, “I’m a MAN! “ This kid is awesome!

Watch the whole thing below.