Pregnant : How To Avoid Morning Sickness When You Are Pregnant

Most of the women are suffering from morning, or sometimes night, Sickness. They are wondering why it is happening and does it have a purpose. When you are pregnant, nausea and vomiting are just an indication that your pregnancy hormones are elevated, which means that your pregnancy is moving forward. But, this does not mean that those women that do not get sick are at risk to have a miscarriage. Some of the women never experience it, but have a healthy pregnancy, and those who have sickness, it usually happens in the first trimester. Sickness happens when toxins overburden your liver, which hinder its ability to process the level of the hormones. This imbalance in your liver causes vomiting and nausea.Here is some advice about morning sickness.

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Pregnant Sickness

To avoid or minimize sickness, you can try with eating six small meals throughout the day, instead of three large. Never let yourself feel hungry, because it may lead to queasiness. Also, this hunger makes you feel nauseated in the morning. To avoid the hunger, you could keep a box of crackers close to your bed, this way you can eat something before you get up in the morning. It is very important to drink a lot of water and take the prenatal vitamins because with that your baby will be fine. Also, avoiding food with strong odor, especially spicy or greasy food, can help in not feeling sick. If beside of the ways to try to avoid sickness, it is happening, you should try eating cold foods, like melons, berries, cucumbers, oranges, grapes etc. For some women a great help can be a lemon, or vinegar mixed with honey and warm water. Some researches showed that fresh ginger, ginger powder or dried ginger can be very helpful.

When you are vomiting a lot, you should stay hydrated so you can replenish the lost minerals like sodium and potassium, which are important because they regulate the balance of fluids in your organism. If the sickness persists, the doctors recommend vitamin B6 supplements. You can start eating food that contains B6, like egg yolk, whole grains and yogurt. You should talk to your doctor about the amount of B6 you can consume in a day.




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