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You can’t guess it yourself how imaginary children sometimes are. The things they think or say sometimes can surprise you. Most of the time they say some absurd and not connected things, but how did that even got on their mind. They all have a special type of thinking probably and are not afraid to share their thoughts, but say everything they think of. Some of the things haven’t even got on our mind.

But it’s not only nonsense that kids say, but some clever thoughts can come out of their mouth sometimes. They are mostly copies of their parents or their closest ones. And listening to the talks the older ones around them make, they remember and pick out the words from their memory. You would surprise of the words that they might say even though they don’t even understand what they actually mean.

Their first years are the most interesting ones to listen to their talk. They are learning how to speak and to pronounce the words correctly and all of that mixture seems so cute when you listen to them. Having the brain of an older person and that baby tongue.
The kid in the video below is only one example of how the visionary and inventive mind of the youngsters might work.

The mother has taken her daughter with her on an ultrasound to find out the sex of the expecting baby. And after explaining her little daughter that she will have a baby brother and he is still in her mummy’s tummy the daughter’s brain starts taking different directions and thinks on something outrageous.

I won’t give you any further details. You have to hear and see the reaction of this girl yourselves. You’ll be baffled by her shocking statement.