At What Age People Get Married Around The World?

People in the world decide to get married late in life, or decide not to get married.
However, despite this trend, marital communities look very different in different parts of the world.
A recently released map has used data, which came to the United Nations, to show when people with different age in different countries get married.

At what age people get married around the world 23.02.2014 01 00

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The UN uses data from different surveys for each country and the data are not always from the same year.

People in the developed countries are deciding for marriage significantly late in life.The Nordic countries are at the top when it comes to age, they get married when they are over 30 years.Afghanistan on the other hand has the smallest average year for marriage, 20.2 years.
The data also show that men get married significantly later, compared to women and this is characteristic of all countries.The difference in age between men and women, when it comes to marriage, is greatest in the developing countries.Women in Afghanistan enter in marriage 8.3 years before men. In France,1.8 years.

In thirty-nine countries data have shown that 20 percent of women get married by their 18th year, and ten percent to their 15th year.The average age for marriage for the women grown from 21.8 to 24.7 years.Despite all the changes that are occurring marriage in most countries remains a norm.