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Dear moms and future moms, This is the place where you can get informed about everything connected to pregnancy, motherhood and all things related to the wellbeing of you and your little ones. This is the place where you can relax, read and watch interesting things, all from the awesome world of the brilliant humans – babies! We even have something for the young dads! All you need to know about growing into a beautiful family, we will try to share it!

Because we believe that everything comes from the home, it’s the center of developing behavior, the right attitude toward life, healthy habits and everything around it! If you ever feel the need to contact us, do it any time, we will be here for you! Our goal is to grow into a great community of young moms, a kind of e-family! So please be patient of our beginner mistakes, we are learning fast.


We have gathered the information we believe is most important for the young families. Some of the articles contain advices on nutrition, food, breastfeeding, raising children and so on. We still strongly advise you to consult your pediatricians, doctors and nutritionists for double checking if the advices apply to your specific contitions.


With your help, reading and sharing articles, we will become the place that is the cradle of parenthood! So be around, so will we.



Best Regards,
Baby Direction

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