A family was planning to spend a night in a car. What the cop did? Touching story.

Recently there were a lot of stories that presented cops in a negative light but this story shed a light on a people in the police force that are kind and full of appreciation, a story that should be told.

Robert Wood and his family, two young sons, a wife and a baby on a way have just returned from Alaska. It was a cold night and they didn’t found a place to spend the night yet. They decided to spend the night in the car at a nearby park so that they could save some money.

After some time an officer came and knocked on the car window.

Eugene Police Lt. David Natt saw Robert a 4 year child sleeping oh his father chest and the 2 year old son Logan sleeping on his pregnant mother chest.


What he did changed the life of this young family forever. He offered them a place to stay for two nights at a hotel in conjunction with the University Fellowship Church in Eugene.

These two nights were enough time for the family to find temporary housing with a friend while they were looking for a permanent accommodation in a safe neighborhood.

Robert was so grateful for this act of kindness that he wanted to share it with his friends and family so he posted his story on facebook saying that he took away the shame that he felt and let him know that he ‘s just a person and things like this can happen to anyone. He was so deeply moved that he decided to name his third child David if it is a boy after the kind cop who changed his life with kindness. The story went viral crazy and people sent their gratitude from all over the world.