A Family So Rare It’s Almost Incomprehensible

Everybody know how rare and amazing it is to have twins, but something more rare and amazing happened to Lauren and Hayleigh Durrant and ,yes, it’s even rarer than Quintuplets. They had two totally identical babies, only, and here’s the amazing part, they have different skin and hair colors. Lauren has white skin, red hair and blue eyes in resemblance to her mother, while Hayleigh has black skin and hair in resemblance to her father. Doctors say that the fertilization was done by different spermatozoids with different genes, one for white skin color, one for black skin color, resulting in these differences. Of course this is all speculation, because this phenomena is so rare that there is almost no data on it, we can’t even determine the probability.

This is so amazing, but it gets better. When Alison and Daren, the parents of these rare twins, decided that they wanted to have another baby, they had twins again, and again one had light skin and the other dark skin. This is so rare it’s almost unbelievable.(continue on next page)