9 Ways How To Keep The Sparkles Between You And Your Partner After Your Kids Are Born

It is well known that when a young couple gets married their love flourishes, sparks fly around them, in a few words they are living their happy ending. But with time they will want to have a baby and that is the moment where some couples, especially wives, start to lose interest in the partner because their children become a priority. There are several things that can be done in order to keep the passion and the sparkles from the beginning still alive between you and your partner.

 Show your partner love

The first and probably most important is to put your marriage on first place. Even though having a baby means facing with lots of responsibilities and duties as a parent, you always need to find time for husband no matter if it is during the day or after your children go to bed. On this way, not only you will show to your partner that he is still attractive to you but also you will teach your children to do the same thing for their husband/ wife in the future.

While your children are growing you or your husband will always have arguments with them about something. In situations of this kind it is recommended for you to stay united and don’t take the side of your child. By doing this you won’t let your child to find a weak link in your communication and you will continue to develop the reliance between each other.

Every girl wants to look beautiful and attractive for her boyfriend, so she is paying lots of attention on what he finds attractive to her and does everything to fulfill his wishes. When they get married it seems like they get comfortable with themselves and forget that habit of getting dressed and looking beautiful for him. That is wrong because on that way you will only make your husband to become distant from you. Therefore, you need to remind of the things that your husband likes about you and try to look always attractive to him.

Due to the fast and busy life, most of the couples don’t have much time for each other like at the beginning. Still, that is no excuse for you not to find time to compliment your partner not just for his/her outlook, but also for his support and his help and effort in raising your children.

Beside the compliments, it is crucial to make physical contact as much as possible. By doing this you will maintain your closeness as a couple but at the same time you will show your love to your children.
Some couples hire a babysitter in order to have a date and spend some time on their own. That doesn’t mean that you can do the same thing. If you want to spend some time together, you can make your children to go to bed earlier and you can relax with some romantic movie or a warm bath. Also you can use your privacy to talk with your partner about the regular staffs that are happening in your life, just to keep your communication alive.

Just because you are married it doesn’t mean that you need to neglect your friends and your social life. Beside your mutual activities it is good if you have hobbies and interests. On that way you can have time just for your own and avoid feeling like you are suffocated by your marriage and your partner.

Some women live in the illusion that their husbands will know what they want just by one look in their eyes. But in reality that is not the case because most of the husbands can’t understand what their wives want from them. Thence, don’t spend your time arguing with your partner but try to talk and ask him politely to do what you want. Similarly, sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you get upset with your husband but at that moment to be surrounded by the members of your family or your children. In these situations you need to calm yourself and deal with the problem later when you are alone.

In the end, you need to remember the small things that were a constant part of your relationship. Buying chocolates, presents, things that you love are just some of the things that make you feel wanted and cherish your love. You need to continue doing this because there is no better way of romance, candles, warm bath etc. which will make your love and marriage stronger and happier.