9 Reasons Why You Should Read Books To Your Children More Often

As a child I always wanted to go to bed early because that was the time for reading stories. I could stay awake all night hearing the voice of my mother, imagining that I am part of that imaginary world. But nowadays is different. Parents don’t have enough free time to do the same things to their children that my mother did to me, so they allow them to spend more time watching TV or sitting in front of the computer just to have enough time to do their household stuff. There are nine reasons why every parent shouldn’t skip reading books to their children.



via childrensgriefconnection.com

Books for Children

The first reason:

Why we should do this is that through our habit of reading books we will develop a sense of love for reading in their mind and they will continue to cultivate this habit throughout their whole life.

The second reason:

Says that by doing this we fortify our relationship as parent and a child. This habit is very personal and it pulls away the parents from their everyday obligations, so they can dedicate their whole free to their loved ones.

The third reason it refers to the enriching of the vocabulary.

The books are one source of learning new words that cannot be found in colloquial speech. For that reason the author suggests us that every time when we read a book to our child we need to pay attention on the new words and to explain the meaning of that word in order to become clearer to them.

The next reason is related with the knowledge that kids gain with reading books.

The brain of the children is like a factory. I’m sure we all have experience of that kind. Every time when they are faced with something new and want to know more about that subject they attack us with lots of questions that for us are very silly, but by answering those questions we stimulate their desire for learning and give them the base on which they will build their further knowledge.

Another reason that is quoted in the text is shown through the statistics connected with the education of the children.

These statistics show that children whose parents read stories to them have better results in school from those children whose parents didn’t read stories to them.

Teaching your children by using examples is the next reason that is given in this text.

Ever since they start to grow up and to learn more about the environment that surrounds them they are taught to divide the good from bad. Because of that the author says that we can use the characters from the book and their actions as an example for starting a debate about different subjects.

Concentration is another human ability that is given as a reason.

When we are reading a book to our child his concentration is increasing in order to get deeper into the story but also to understand each word that is spoken. Another advantage from this is the development of the ability of listening and being quiet while others are talking.

Other reason that is given is the ability for memory and creativity.

In order to understand the story every child remembers lots of information. Also, we can notice that reading the same story several times to our child will help him with time to learn that story by heart. The habit of reading book not only is good for the improvement of the ability for memory but also encourages our children to be more creative and use their fantasy as much as possible.

The last reason is related with the ambience in which one story is read.

In the my opinion the best way on which children remember new information is when those information are read in relaxed ambience and when they are fun for them. So he/she advises us to choose books that have interesting contents and which are adapted on their age.
In the end, I think that is very important to do this ritual every day for at least twenty minutes not only while they are small but also when they start to go to school. And when they will know to read we need to encourage them to read to us or to their younger brothers or sisters.