8 Year Old Girl Delivers Her Baby Brother? This is The Hero Of The Day!

When her mothers’ water broke, there was nothing the 8 year old Jazmine McEnaney could do but call 911.

The mother and the daughter were at home alone when this happened, and Jazmine showed brilliant courage and handled the situation perfectly. She called 911, informed them that her water just broke and that she is in pain.

While the paramedics were on their way to the house, she had to start doing something because her mother went into labor and the baby brother started coming out. She started following the instructions from the operator, got clean dry towels and held the baby’s head.



She followed all instructions just fine, and when the paramedics arrived on the scene, they just helped finish the birth. The mother and the baby – named Joseph, were in a good condition and were taken to the hospital.

Mother Krystle was very proud with Jazmine because she handled the situation very calm like a professional.

She is definitely the hero of the day! She is a very courageous sister from day 1! Joseph is going to be one lucky little brother.