7 Things You Will Never Hear From Your Babysitter

“Your house grosses me out”

No one expects that your house with kids in it will be pristine, but that does not mean it should look unclean. Many babysitters are complaining about the houses of their employers. If a babysitter comes to your house to keep your baby, that does not mean she should clean your house. A lot of them say, that the mothers are expecting from babysitters to wash the dishes, clean the bathroom, and unfortunately she must do it because these conditions for keeping the baby are very bad.


7 things you will never hear from your babysitter 01



“I deserve a raise”

When you are working in some corporation, a raise is a normal thing. But, babysitters get a raise hardly ever. They have never been offered a raise, even though they are working in the same house a long time. The babysitter should get tips for the holidays like Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve, and the price must increase if there is more than one kid. Some of the sitters refuse the job in a family rather than ask for more money.

“Come home at the appropriate time”

Be fair to your sitter, and appreciate her time just like yours. Do not think that your time is more important that hers. For every one sitting extra hours at work feels like eternity. Have in mind, that maybe she has other things to do, so she does not have time to wait for you. Of course, there are cases where you are not late on purpose, so call her to apologize, and let her know that you will be late, and then when you return you should give her a tip.

“Do not undermine my authority”

Just like your babysitter respects all your rules, you should trust her judgments and let her establish some of her own. You should respect the things she says to you child and the rules she had given, because this way your kid will not lose the respect for her. Also, the communication in a non-condescending way, is appreciated, especially when is in front of your kids.

“I do not like canceling at the last minute”

You should avoid canceling at the last minute. Imagine how would you feel if your boss does that to you. You should have in mind that lots of the sitters canceled other opportunities just to come to your house that day, and if you cancel at the last minute they have to stay at home, with less money.

“I also have to eat”

You should have in mind that your babysitter will be a long time at your house in a day so she might be hungry. A lot of the sitters take their own food from home or just stay growl. Show some appreciation to her and buy some of the foods she likes to eat. Tell her that when she prepares food for the kids, she can also prepare something for herself.

“Tell me when the kid is sick”

You must warn your babysitter if your child is ill, because she has to be prepared. She also has her family and must beware of her health and avoid the risks of illness.




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