6 Little Changes Which Will Help You To Get Pregnant

Probably the doctors already advised to normalize your weight, to quit smoking and alcohol, so you can increase the chances to get pregnant. But there are other small changes that can help.

6 Little changes which will help you to get pregnant 20.02.2014 00


Pregnancy Information (Get Pregnant)

1. Love the sun
Use the sun to improve fertility. The free source of light and heat improves fertility in both men and women, increasing the level of vitamin D in the body.

2. Avoid a tough workout
Moderate exercise can positively affect female fertility, intense physical activity increases the risk of irregular menses and conception difficulties.
Working hard lowers progesterone and hinder ovulation. If you plan to get pregnant, it is best to limit the exercise of a maximum of 7 hours a week.

3. Eject the fats from your food
Stay away from the french fries and your fat favorite sandwich. The fats that are in the fast food products, like margarine are more often associated with reduced fertility in women.

4. Advise your husband to take are of the heat in the intimate area
The high temperature in the intimate area can affect the production and quality of sperm. Men should avoid hot baths and saunas, and a long bike ride, and they should prefer wider underwear.
It is particularly important to avoid placing the laptop in their lap because heat reduces sperm count.

5. Avoid lubricants
Lubricants affect the movement of sperm and is not recommended to use them when you plan to conceive. Also, some lubricants contain chemicals that kill the sperm, so it is best to rely only on the natural moisture of the vagina

6. Eat more Zinc
Zinc is very important not only for women, but for men’s fertility too. This mineral boosts help for ovulation in women and in men increases the production of sperm. Also, zinc reduces the risk of miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy. Research shows that it takes at least 15mg zinc daily to improve your fertility.