50 Funny Games That Kids Can Play and They Will Not Need To Use Batteries

We live in a world where technology is developing more and more with every passing day. Our children are spending more and more times in front of the computer playing funny games, chatting on Facebook, Twitter or in front of the TV watching silly shows. It seems like they are losing the habit of going out to spend some times with their friends or family. We lived in a period of time where our favorite place was the street, playing with our friends, driving bicycles and other things. In order to make your child to spend more time with you here is a list of 50 games that are fun and you can play with him.
If your child is more interested for outdoor games you can play some of these outdoor games. The first one is hopscotch. You don’t need too many things for this one, just a small rock, a chalk and your backyard. All you have to do is to draw the pattern for jumping with the calk, throw the rock and start jumping.

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Indoor and outdoor games for kids

Another game that is good to upper your child’s body strength and to improve his coordination is the jump rope. There are many variations of this game and some of them are “Double Dutch” for which you need two ropes if you want to play or you can sing some rhymes just to see long your child can jump.

The next game is one of the girl’s favorite game: Hula Hoop. One plastic hoop that you can twist it around you waist, arm or leg and at the same time build your body strength.

Beside hula hoop you can also try horseshoes. This game is excellent for teaching your child’s spatial reasoning and taking turns. You don’t need real horseshoes for this game. Plastic horseshoes are great replacement for the real ones but you can use small hoops.

Other game that is quit even to this one is bocce. Instead of horseshoes you need balls for this one. It is great game for older children because it increases the sense of competition. The point of this game is to get closer to a point in your backyard while your opponents are trying to kick your ball away from the point.

The Lawn bowling is the same as the real bowling but instead in a bowling room you can play it in front of your house. Put few bottles few inches away from your child and see how many he can knock down.
Croquet is another game that can teach your child strategies and taking turns. All that they have to do is to kick the balls through the hoops until they reach the final goal.

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Tag is game that is full with laughter and run. In this game there is one person who is running and trying to touch the others. When another person will be touch he becomes the person that is running and the game continues on the same way.
The usual variation of Four Square that you can play with your child is played with ball. You need to divide one area of your yard on four squares and put one child on each corner of the squares. The point of this game is to toss the ball on the person standing on the opposite side but without letting it to fall down.

If your child wants sport and basketball is one of his favorite sports than Horse is the perfect game for him. In this game the first player has the right to shoot anywhere on the court. If he scores than the second player needs to duplicate from the same position. If he misses to score he gets the letter h from horse. If the second player scores no one get a letter, he gets the ball again and can make a shot from anywhere on the court. If the first player doesn’t score then the second player has the right to shoot from where he wants. In both cases where the second player scores, the game continues like at the beginning. The first player that makes the word horse it loses.
Besides the outdoor games, there are lots of indoor games that can be played when the weather is bad or you just aren’t in a mood for spending your time outside. One of the indoor games is tiddlywinks. For this game you need pennies or other small objects which are flat. The idea of the game is to flip a coin with the edge of another coin into small circle.

The next game is a game that every child likes to play. Rock, Paper, Scissors is a game for two to three persons and is a hand game. Those who play count aloud to three, raising one of their hand in fist and waving it down while they count. After the counting, players change their hand in one of the three gestures rock, paper or scissors. The rock is represented by the clenched fist, the paper by open hand and the scissors by two separated and open fingers. The goal of this game is to select a gesture that defeats the gesture of the other. If you have rock that means that you beat the player that has scissors, the player that has scissors beats the player that has paper and the player that has paper beats the player that has rock.

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If you have young children the perfect game for them is Tic-Tac-Toe. In order to win this game you need to have three in a row. Most of the time kids use X and O as a pattern in the game.
Another hand game that you can play with your child is the Clapping game. This is a singing game where children sit faced with each other and make up rhyming songs. While they are saying the words of the song they clap their hands and get faster until one of them messes up.

One of the games which is good for the mental or physical skills of the players is Pick up sticks. If you want to win this game you need to pick up as much as possible sticks. At the beginning of the game a bundle of sticks are scattered in order to end up in a pile. The first player tries to remove one stick without moving the other sticks. If some of those sticks are moved he loses his turn. If he removes the stick without moving the others he has another turn. The games is over when the last stick is removed and the person who has removed most of the sticks is the winner of the game.

If sometimes you have some relatives visiting you there are some group games that you can suggest to your children. One of the is hide and seek. An interesting game that can be played by two persons or more. Also is great for developing your children’s patience, observing skills and the ability for making strategies. The person that is the seeker needs to close his eyes and count to the agreed number while the persons that are hiders need to hide themselves. When the seeker finishes counting, he tries to find the hidden children, the first person who will be found is the next seeker.

Telephone is another group game that can be very funny. The children are lined up in a row. The first child tells short message to the child next to him that needs to be passed to the others. Each of the children is telling the message to the child next to him until the row ends. The child who is last tells the message out loud. That is the funniest part of the game because the message will be changed completely.
If your children and his friends have competitive spirit than tug-or-war is the perfect game. For this one you need to divide them in two teams and each team grabs the one end of a robe. Draw a line in the center and let the teams to show their strength. The team that will cross the line loses the game.

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From the musical games you can try London bridge, a game that is followed by a song. In this game two kids stand faced with each other, holding their hands raised in order to make bridge. While they are singing children pass under the bridge. Those who will be caught when the bridge is down are going out.
Musical chair is another familiar game. Mostly is played on parties. For this game you need chairs which are put in circle. There is one chair less than people who are playing. When the music is playing children circle around the chairs and when the music stops they sit on the chairs. The one person who is standing gets out from the game.
A game similar to the musical chair is the Hot Potato but instead of chairs the person who is out holds a potato. While the music is playing the players toss a potato and the player who is holding the potato when the music stops is going out.

Other than the musical games are the games with cards. These games are also good for spending time with your kids and help them to learn more about strategies, reflexes or memory.

Old maid is a perfect game for learning strategies. In this game there is one dealer and the other players. Starting from the dealer each player offers his hand which is faced down to the person on his left side. That person chooses a card, adds it to his/her hand and looks if that card makes a pair with his/her hand. If it makes, the pair is discarded. Then the same player offers a card to the next person who is on his/her left side and so on. The goal of this game is to continue to take cards and discarding pairs until all the players except one are left with no cards. The player who has one card left is considered to be stuck with the maid loses the game.

Go Fish is another game that you can play. You can play this game with one deck of cards. In this game each player has to hold five cards. The rest of the cards are shared between the players and this is called the “pool”. The player whose turn is asks another player for a card but he/she cannot ask for a card that isn’t holding. If that player has that card he/she needs to hand him all of that card, if he/she doesn’t hold that card he/she says “go fish” so the player needs to take a card from the pool and ends his turn. If the player gets the card that he/she asked for, he/she has another turn. When the players have four cards of one rank they put the cards faced up in front of himself/herself. The game end when the pool is empty or the players are left with no cards. The winner of the game is the player that has the most piles in front of him.

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The next game called “War” is played by two players. For this game the deck of cards is equally divided between the players. Each of the players reveal the top card of their pile and the player who has higher card takes the both cards. This is known as “battle”. If both the players have the same card they are in “war”. In this case they lay down three cards which are faced down and choose one of the three cards. The player who has higher card wins all the cards and adds them to the bottom of the pile. If there is another tie, the game continues until there is no tie and the player with higher card wins the cards.
Cards can also be used for practicing memory, so one game from this kind is Memory. This game can be played in groups or individually not only by children but also by adults. In order to play this game you need to lay all the cards with their face down on the table and on each turn two cards are flipped up. The aim of this game is to turn over pairs of matching cards.

In the end if you want to help your child to improve its vocabulary you can play some word game. The first one is called “I spy” and you can play it indoor or outdoor. In this game one of the players chooses an object and tells the players the letter with which that object begin. The rest of the players look around and try to guess what that might be. They say “TV” (no), table (yes). The player who guess the thing has the next turn.
Hangman is a game where you only need a paper and a pen. Here one of the players think of a word and the others guess that word, given in a row of dashes, by suggesting letters. If the suggested letter is found in the word, the player writes it down on the correct dash. If that letter isn’t found in the word, the player draws one part of the hangman diagram as a mark. The game is finished when the player guesses the word or when the other players “hang” the player.