5 Baby Myths


1. If you don’t hold or nurse the baby in the first few hours, you will not get well connected
This is not true.
All the babies are not born by natural way, some of them are born by cesarean section and some of them needs medical intervention right after the birth.
The experts say that the separation of the mother from the baby in those few hours or days will be compensated with a lot of love in their life further.

2. Babies need more water when it’s hot
Also not true. Of course that you can give your baby a water, but you should know that baby’s fluids should come from the breast milk.


3. Teething can cause fever

Not a one study proved connection between teething and fever. That’s why parents should not take any medicine on their own, but to go to the doctor for a help with the fever.

4. Crib bumpers are safe
There are believings that the baby may hit his head on the bars of the crib and get hurt. But they can’t. Babies can’t generate enough force to cause to get hurt along the bars of the crib.
The risk with the bumpers is suffocation or SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

5. Breast milk vs. Ear infection
If somebody told you that putting a small amount of breast milk in the baby’s ear will help you with an ear infection, it won’t. You can only cause a new infection. Breast milk has lots of sugar in it and that is where bacteria love to grow.

To be continued..