Five babies in just 9 months – Now that’s a surprise

After years of fighting with infertility, this couple from Oklahoma decided to go with an adoption. Andy and Sarah have tried everything they heard of wanting to conceive, but after so many unsuccessful attempts they finally decided to adopt a child. They contacted a woman carrying who wanted to give away her child, and after arranging the whole adoption process they went all together for the first ultrasound. Read More : “Dad Films His Daughter Every Week For 14 Years, The Video Compilation Is Astonishing ” That’s when they all realized that the woman was expecting not one, but three babies. The couple accepted the fact that they will welcome home a triplet after this woman gives birth.

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 1.19.53 PM During the pregnancy period of the woman from whom they were about to take the babies, the couple found themselves in an ironic situation, receiving another happy news, that Sarah is also pregnant and expecting twins.

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After so many years trying to conceive, the couple were about to receive five babies at once and all in less than a year. Even though this news about their own pregnancy, they yet didn’t give up the triplets, who were born prematurely and had to stay in the intensive care several days before heading home.  

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Today Sarah and Andy have five babies and are happy with their decision to keep all of them. God has finally listened to their prayers and awarded them with a huge family.(Continue on next page)..