22 Things That You Have To Do Before You Tie The Knot

When we are children we all want to know how is the life of a grown-up person, how is the feeling to have a car, to go to work or to get married and have a family. As time is passing we are starting to fit in the society and live the life of which we wonder about when we were children. When we meet the love of our life we start to plan our future with him/her, to do everything for our relationship without being aware about the things we forget to do for ourselves and our own satisfaction. Maressa Brown is an author and an editor who in one of her articles gives us a list of 20 things that we need to do before we get married with our loved one.


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1.The first thing is to go on a trip with your sister/s and your best friend/s. Even though is something that you can do and after you get married she says that most of the women find this more exclusively releasing if they do it before they tie the knot.

2.Each of us enjoys going somewhere for the weekend with our partner but if you want to see how your partner will be dealing not only with you but also with the organization of a longer trip, the best thing that you can do is to go on a longer trip with your partner before you get married.

3.Although heartbreaks know to be bad thing for everyone it is good to have at least one bad heartbreak because that experience will make you stronger and is a good life experience.

4.Just like heartbreaks, dumping someone is not a pleasant feeling but you must have at least one experience with dumping a guy before you are married.

5.When you are single you don’t pay too much attention on our costs and budget management.

6.If you don’t want your partner to suffer for your mistakes it is good to get the finances in order before your marriage.

7.When you and your partner decide to tie the knot it is good to sit down and talk with your partner for your finances, your spending and savings in order to avoid future problems in your marriage.

8.Living with your parents can bring you lots of benefits. But when you are grown-up it is good to be independent and start living apart from your parents.

9.No matter if it is alone or with roommates it good to do it and see how it will be.

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10.Some women are raised with the idea of not living with a man before they get married. But that can be a good idea because it is a good test to see how you two can function together and avoid divorce.

11.Summer is always identified with sun, fun and meeting new people. When you are on a holiday don’t lose the chance to have a summer flirt with some handsome guy on the beach.

12.There is nothing better than your mother’s cooking. Still, she won’t be with you forever and that is why you need to learn to cook. This not only will help you to impress your loved one but also you won’t be starving.

13.Just because you are with someone it doesn’t mean that you can’t spoil yourself. So go out and buy something that makes you happy.

14.Every couple has arguments in their relationship. Some are small and some are big. Still, there is nothing better than making out with your partner and proving that your love is strong enough to overcome all the problems.

15.Don’t be like those people who believe in monogamy but still regret for not having too many good and bad dates. Before you get married for the person you love go out and experience different dates.

16.All of us have certain fears but that doesn’t mean that you can’t confront them. All you have to do is to take a deep breath and deal with it like a brave person would do.

17.Having a friend with benefits is another thing that you can do before getting married. But still, you need to be sure that that friend won’t get away from you.

18.Your education and getting a degree is one of the most important things that you should do before you get married.

19.Beside the education, making a career will make you an independent woman who is able to take care of herself.

20.When you are planning to get married it is good to talk with your partner and tell him your opinion about babies. This is something that should be discussed at the beginning if you want to avoid further arguments with your partner.

21.Change your life style.

22.Try to consume more vegetables, fruits and work out.

The last but not the least, try to get to know yourself better.