20 Things You Must Know About The Life As a Parent

1.So many sleepless nights. This is the period when you will feel tired a lot and sleepy all the time, willing for just one hour more for sleeping.

2.Giving the births is the biggest pain you have ever experienced, so there are no painless ways to do it. The reality is that both the vaginal birth and cesarean hurt a lot, but you must have in mind that this pain is worth it.

20 things you must know about the life as a parent 00

3.After a certain time, all the things that seem gross to you like urine, poop, blood, fluid-snot and spit, will not be gross anymore. You will become used to them.

4.While you are pregnant, you will find any kind of crud in your underwear, that will make your worst yeast infection seem very tame.

5.After giving birth, you feel hate for your husband and wish to see him dead.

6.You must know that your child will make you embarrassed like you have never been before. For example, when you are standing in line and your child starts screaming unpleasant things, it will make you want to die.

7.While breastfeeding, your boobs will look fantastic, but after that your boobs will deflate quickly.

8.At the beginning you will try to be a perfect parent, but after a certain period you will be like “please help me survive this thing”.

9.All the things that you learned from your parents, and you promised yourself that you will never say to your child, you will tell them so many times.

This 10 Things Are So Important For Every Parent

10.You will curse a lot, even if you never did it before being a parent.

11.When your child is around 4 months it will start manipulating you, and that will last until the end of your life.

12.You will be asking yourself “Is this normal?” all the time, because you will be in so many weird situations with your child.

13.Your child will ask you so many questions that are really simple, but you do not know the answer, and then you will realize how much you do not know.

14.Even if you are a good parent, all the time you will feel like someone will call the Child Protective Service on you.
15.You will start to be afraid of birthday invitations.

16.Shopping in grocery stores will never be the same again.

17.If before becoming a parent, you had some extra money, now you will not have any.

18.The price of the diapers is too expensive.

19.After giving birth, you will start with growing a mustache and your hair will start to gray.

20.If you breastfeed your baby, its poop will not stink. Baby’s poop start to stink when you feed your baby with solids.