18 Important Lessons That You Will Learn From Your Child

1.Eating in the morning is very, very important.

2.There are times when you have to be blunt with people, just like you used to be with your relative when they tried to make you do something tedious or embarrassing.


3.Asking questions is a good thing, it will help you understand everything.

4.Friendship is about loyalty and fun-loving, without strings attached.

5.Do not just dip your toes in the water, jump right in it.

6.When you are working, try to make it like a game, and be less serious.

7.Do not tell yourself “We will see”, remember how much you hate when someone says that to you.

8.The best way to find out how something works is to disassemble it.

9.The world is half-imaginary and half-real.

10.When you were a child the coolest adults were those who listened to you, so you still want to grow and be the coolest adult, don’t you?

11.You do not need cigarettes, or beer, or pot to have a good time, instead of these use the adrenaline.

12.It is a very special thing when you kiss someone on the cheek, it is even bigger when you kiss their lips.

13.And, seeing them naked, it is a life-altering event.

14.Instead of cursing the rain, you should enjoy it. Do not forget how much you love dancing in the rain.

15.You will have an ache in your stomach if you consume too much of anything.

16.Homework blows, and if you bring your work at home, it will destroy your family and your life.

17.Reading books is the best when you do it at night with a flashlight.

18.Watching thunderstorm is so much better than watching television.

In a child’s world the word “fitness” does not exist, so you should try “having fun”. Start thinking that your body is designed for jumping off diving boards, throwing basketballs, shooting hoops etc.

Those were the child lessons hope you’ve learned something




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