13 Lessons From The Happy Couples

The happy marriage is not a coincidence, it is not destiny and it does not happen because you and your partner were born for each other. Marriage is a challenge that you should grab and take the opportunity to create a beautiful harmonious union. It is not only important to love your partner, but also to be dedicated, to sacrifice and to be patient.

Every marriage has their secrets and advices, here are some of them:

Are You One Of Millions Of Happy Couples In The World?

1. Choose the one you love and love the one you have chosen

Do not let money or your closest to pressure you about your choice. The one that you will pick is the person that you will spend your whole file with. So, choose equally with your heart and mind.

2. Do not give up when life sets you a big obstacle
The marriage sometimes is bed covered with roses, but sometimes there are thorns. Happiness comes in waves and every marriage goes through periods of crisis. They are like a storm, scary and dangerous, but every storm passes.

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3. Do not make love at the same time, on the same way at the same place
Spontaneity and creativity keep the thrill in your relationship. Do not fall in predictable patterns that lead to boring and monotonous intimate relationship.

4. The money should be “ours”, not “mine” or “yours”
In every marriage there are times when financial problems cause headaches and stress, but do not let that turn you against each other. When you entered your marriage, you agreed that you will be with your partner in good and evil, in wealth and in poverty.

5. Your marriage is your unique story
Every marriage is unique. Others solutions might not be your solutions. Never compare your marriage with others marriage and others with yours.

6. “Sorry” does not have to be the hardest word
The happy married people do not have a problem to apologize when they are wrong.

7. Respect the privacy of your husband
Happy partners have their own interests, hobbies and favorite activities, and friends who they keep in contact with. They are giving space to each other and reason to miss each other and they not interfere with the privacy of others.

8. Sometimes be foolish
The sense of humor is important in the marriage. Share funny events and never underestimate the power of strong laughter to tears. It is allowed to be childish. The party only strengthens the marriage.

9. Don’t guess, communicate
Happy couples know how to communicate properly. They listen to each other, make compromises, and sometimes sacrifice.

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10. Friendship with husband is important as love
Your husband does not have to be your best friend, but he must be in your circle of friends.

11. There is no perfect marriage, there are perfect moments
One day you may be the happiest people in the world, and the very next day you will think that everything around you is falling apart. Do not disappoint when everything does not go as you plan, do not blame yourself for the bad events. The key to happiness is cherishing the perfect moments and believing that there are more of them for you.

12. More compliments, less critics
Criticisms and comments should not be untold, but the same goes for the compliments. For every criticism, give two compliments.

13. Your partner is not given to you in forever, so respect him
There can be love without respect, but there can’t be love without mutual respect.