10 Things You Can Eat or Drink While You Are Pregnant

While you are pregnant, there are so many people telling you what you should do or not, and giving you a lot of advices. You will be confused what you can do or what you cannot, so the best thing is to follow your doctor’s order, and not to listen what are other people saying.  Here are some facts about pregnancy that you will hear from the people around you:

They say while you are pregnant, you should eat three healthy meals a day, but that is false. In a day, you should have six or seven small meals, every two to three hours. Eating from various food groups is fine for you and your baby, because it will keep your blood sugar in a constant range. Also, you can eat every thing you ate before pregnancy, including ice cream and other candies and crisps and fast food.


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Letr Try This Food and Drink

Some of the people will say that you cannot drink alcohol. But actually, you can a glass or two, but not too much. You should not be drinking a lot, but a glass of wine during the lunch is harmless, it is not going to hurt your baby.

You can drink a small cup of coffee a day. The caffeine will not harm you or your baby, so you are allowed to drink one coffee in one day.

Cutting out the cheese is another thing that you do not have to do while you are pregnant. There are some kinds of cheese, like cheddar and Swiss, that you should not be eating, because they are pasteurized.

They say you must skip exercise. But that is not true, in most cases a little workout can be great for controlling your weight and prep for baby. But, you must avoid exercises or sports that include lying on your back, because is bad for you, it reduces blood flow to your brain.

There are some theories that if you have sex 14 days after your period you will get pregnant. This is false, because you are not always fertile on the 14th day, unless you have consistent 28-circle.

Some would say you should not be doing manicures. But that also is not true. You do not have to forgo weekly manicure if you want to have a baby. The only thing is that you may get a little nauseous because of the odors.

Nowadays, everyone thinks that saving up sperm will help in getting pregnant faster. But, that is not true, it actually may decrease the chances of conceiving. Saving up sperm more than 24 to 48 hours will not help you cause much.

Also, is not true when they say that you will suffer through sickness, because you cannot consume drugs. There are many medications that are safe during pregnancy, also there are herbal supplements and teas. Many researches showed that drugs do not have any effects on the fetus, so probably the kinds you buy in a store are safe.

Do not eat seafood. Actually, if your favorite kind of fish did not make you sick before you were pregnant, then it will not do now. So, you can eat seafood, but not every day, and you should choose those with lower mercury levels. For example, you can eat salmon, shrimp and tilapia, but unfortunately swordfish and tilefish are not allowed because have the highest level.




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